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az corporation is a company that is specialized in the leisure, entertainment & gaming industry,e-commerce, and real estate.

our focus

our basic focus is to develop a technical pattern to serve our customer's in the industry we represent, and make all operation's effortless.

Conference with a.e patrick or tom paul.

we are also involved in the tutoring of new entrepreneurs who are innovative and want's to change the traditional norm's of their prospective industry.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill


I am a regular visitor of your conferences and events. I adore your lecturers as they always give the right and effective information. I have tried many advices they gave and I see they work! Thank you for your attitude!

Adam Smith

I visited Annual Designers Conference last year and I loved all the speakers who participated in it. I’ve got a lot of exclusive and really useful information, which is based on practice! And yes – it works!

David Jones

I listened to Women’s Rights Lecture and I was shocked how much information we don’t know or do not want to know! Thanks to your speakers I managed to resolve my problems at work and now live happily!

Tom Richards

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